Organizational effectiveness is far more than the ability of your company to make sales or to turn a profit. Rather, it focuses on the overall effectiveness in these short-term areas, as well as sustainability, concern for the environment, corporate culture, talent management, leadership, innovation, strategy, engagement, and communication. Organizational effectiveness requires that we take a more holistic view.

Through this program, we help you to attract and retain quality people and maximise organizational potential. We do this by working closely with your people, from the senior leadership team to individual employees by sharing our experience, giving guidance and building skills. We transfer pragmatic, proven tools, methodologies and techniques into your organization and work with you rather than for you. We focus on facilitating change by an appropriate combination of consulting, training and events.

Personal Effectiveness

To help people find personal fulfilment by uncovering, and exploring their authentic self, thereby fulfilling their potential and becoming all they can become. This requires one to establish an intimate understanding of who you are, how you operate, what is important to you, and most importantly, what you need to do to find fulfilment in your life.

This self-leadership programme also develops your capacity to manage your internal stability and external equilibrium by making decisions and choices that support you in meeting your needs.

Program Content

Helps you explore

  • Self Leadership Journey
  • Your Potential
    • Strength and Unique Abilities
    • Personality Profile
    • Values/Beliefs/Behaviours at Work/Home
    • Sense of Purpose at Work
    • Core Motivation at Work
    • Vision/Mission at Work
  • Your Challenges
    • Anxieties
    • Stressors
    • Upsets
    • Conflicts
    • Fears/Needs Inventory
  • Personal Mastery

Team Effectiveness

In today’s changing world of work, teams are becoming increasingly varied and complex. This program helps you to learn how to create the conditions for a group of people to find their individual and collective fulfilment by becoming a high performing team.  Ultimately, it ‘s all about excellence, performance, and getting results.

Program Content

  • Team Formation
  • Team Roles
  • Team Behaviour
  • Team Needs
  • Team Skills
  • Team Communication
  • Positive engagement and Conflict Management.
  • Team Norms
  • Team Performance
  • Team Alignment
  • Collaboration

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership capability is the critical variable in differentiating the relative success of organizations. What are the sources of success and how can we nurture and deliver future leaders? Why are some organizations consistently develop quality leaders? What are the sources of success for leaders and why do some people not fulfill their potential? How can a culture and a process for  developing and unleashing leadership potential be introduced? It is people that bring about change and effective leaders focus on developing talent to transform from a good company to a great one. This workshop will enable participants to address these questions for those who they are responsible for and also for themselves as leaders and equip participants with tools and techniques in the area of Leadership Effectiveness.

Program Content

  • Leadership Styles –  Understanding Self
  • Change Leaders
  • Understanding Business
  • Business Alignment
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Value Based Decision Making
  • Delegating  Effectively
  • Giving Feedback
  • Coaching Team Members

Training Methodology

    • Self Exploration
    • Experiential Learning
    • Small Group Discussions
    • Case Studies
    • Activities using
        • Games
        • Role Plays
        • Simulation
        • Theatre Techniques
        • Symbols & Visual  Aids
      • Story Telling
  • Journal Writing & Worksheets


Githanjali Chandrasekhar, Change Catalyst

  • Organization Development and Process Work Intern at Sumedhas Academy for Human Context
  • Trained in Group Facilitation Skills by FLAME TAO Knoware
  • Trained in Storytelling and Theatre techniques
  • Trained in Tarot Reading and Symbols
  • Participated in various Behavioural Labs at Sumedhas
  • 23 years corporate experience at TCS with expertise in Change Management, Induction and Integration, Talent Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development
    • Global HR Head for PROPEL , TCS Change Management platform
    • Conducted ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops and sessions on various topics in India and abroad
    • Devised Focused Interventions to bring about change in people and processes
  • Working with Healthcare, Mass Media and Manufacturing Industries, and Educational Institutions
  • Committed to minimizing the employability skills gap by focusing on holistic competency development of individuals and teams
  • Passionate about improving the quality of education in schools and colleges
  • Part time faculty for ‘Life Skills’ at Stella Maris College, Chennai

P K Shiby

  • Behavioural Specialist with more than 20 years of hands on experience in the field of HR/Organization Development, Change Management &  Learning & Development.
  • Masters Degree in Human Resource Development
  • Executive Development Program in Strategic Performance Management form XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Organization Development and Process Work Intern at Sumedhas Academy for Human Context
  • Trained in Group Facilitation Skills
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy). Trained by Mr. Andrew Austin, UK.
  • Trained in Metaphors of Movement by Mr. Andrew Austin, UK
  • Trained in Story Telling by Eric Miller at World Story Telling Institute
  • Trained in Theatre Techniques
  • Trained in Yoga, Yogasuta and Meditation Techniques.
  • Trained in “Dance for Personal Exploration”
  • Trained in Tarot Reading and Symbols
  • Participated in various Behavioural Labs at Sumedhas
  • Director, Graminz Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mentor, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK
  • Been as a Resource Person for various Community Development/Educational Programs  of   of India and Kerala.
  • Social Worker involved in the welfare of Women and Children.