HR for CEOs

Hr for Ceos

The strategic role of Human Resources and the understanding of same is mission critical to a CEO and the board. Globalization and diversity management today being HR responsibilities, it is entrusted on CEOs and Board to engage HR as Strategic business Partner. Over the years, HR has changed from a “personnel/paper pushing” department to one that can add  value that reflects on company savings /earnings and percolate down to bottom line. Having a strategic HR and Scorecard in place will create a positive impact on the brand image of the company.

This program will help the CEOs to have a clear understanding of the nuances of HR functions in their organizations. 

What will be covered

  • Understanding the Business Context
  • Mission and Vision (The Big Picture)
  • Critical Success Factors (CSF) of the Organization
  • Organizational Values, Culture and Quality
  • Customer Relations & Branding (Internal & External)
  • Organizational Goals and  Policies 
  • Statutory  and Regulatory Standards
  • HR as Business Partner   
  • Right People, aligned to  Organizational Goals
  • Employee Engagement  and Retention
  • Learning Organization
  • Goal Setting and Performance Management Systems
  • Competency/Skill  Development
  • Compliance  Audits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Importance of  Analytics and MIS

For Whom 

  • CEOs
  • Proprietors
  • Managing Directors / Directors
  • Business Partners

Duration : 10 hours