Selling with NLP

A successful sales career begins here, by redefining what success in sales really means to you… It is the most fundamental thing to dream big and grab big opportunities and to make incredible progress in each and every area of your life. Make a leap from ordinary to extraordinary !

  • Why do you sell and what does success in sales really mean to you ?
  • Are you getting the desired results from your sales efforts ?
  • Do you actually fear your customers or the selling process ? How wonderful if you enjoy both ?
  • Do you see selling as a numbers’ game instead of a people game ?
  • Would you like to sell your product, service or skills to anyone, anywhere better than you ever dreamt of  ?

Your answers to these questions are the corner stone of  long term success and fulfillment in field of sales. Rather than sell,  how wonderful it is when you make them want to buy ?

First they must buy you ! The art of  ‘Relationship Selling’

Customers are likely to buy your product, service or idea if they like you. First your customer must ‘buy’ you – only then will they consider ‘buying’ your product, service or idea. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is a collection of skills to build trust, understand others, and lead more effectively. NLP shows how talking and thinking impact each another. It is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That is exactly what successful sales people do, communicate well and influence the customers’ state. NLP in selling is so powerful that, even where you are at a price or a technical specifications’ disadvantage, you can often get the order if your relationship with your customer is right !

It is all  about NOT selling the product  but the customer’s dream !!

For Whom

Who is into/ interested in

  • sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer care
  • Sales administration

Take Away

  • The Art of Relationship selling
  • Tactics to increase your customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Meet sales target as you could clearly map customer’s mind
  • Positioning yourself differently in the minds of your customers
  • Be ‘someone-to-be-consulted’ to your customer rather than a ‘nuisance-to-be-tolerated’.