Teaching Today

a self enhancement program for school teachers

‘Teaching is one of the most challenging and important human endeavours because teachers and teaching hold the power of the future in their hands’
Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher’

– Parker J Palmer (Courage to teach)

Teaching Today is a one day activity-based, experiential workshop for school teachers.  It will help the participants –

  • Examine their role and responsibility as educators and rediscover their pride and passion in their profession
  • Align themselves to their institution’s mission
  • Deliberate on the current challenges in teaching today’s students
  • Derive an action plan to be role models for students and perform their roles effectively – go beyond teaching, engage better with their colleagues and students to create a collaborative learning environment


Githanjali Chandrasekhar, Change Catalyst

  • Organization Development and Process Work Intern at Sumedhas Academy for Human Context
  • Trained in Group Facilitation Skills by FLAME TAO Knoware
  • Trained in Storytelling and Theatre techniques
  • Trained in Tarot Reading and Symbols
  • Participated in various Behavioural Labs at Sumedhas
  • 23 years corporate experience at TCS with expertise in Change Management, Induction and Integration, Talent Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development
    • Global HR Head for PROPEL , TCS Change Management platform
    • Conducted ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops and sessions on various topics in India and abroad
    • Devised Focused Interventions to bring about change in people and processes
  • Working with Healthcare, Mass Media and Manufacturing Industries, and Educational Institutions
  • Committed to minimizing the employability skills gap by focusing on holistic competency development of individuals and teams
  • Passionate about improving the quality of education in schools and colleges
  • Part time faculty for ‘Life Skills’ at Stella Maris College, Chennai
  • Conducted “Beyond Teaching” and “Teaching Outbound” Programs for School teachers.

  • Was the Resource Person and Facilitator for “The Kerala Teachers Empowerment Program” organized by  Govt. Of Kerala (under the aegis of TCS Inspire)

P K Shiby

  • A passionate Behavioural Specialist, Facilitator and Change Agent working with individuals, groups, organisations and communities in different capacities and roles to make a difference. 

    Facilitate programmes on building self-awareness and reflexivity, and leadership with individuals and organisations, both in the Corporate and the Social sector. Enjoy facilitating and Coaching Leadership Teams and helping them discover their shared purpose, values and meaning and help organizations in achieving Organizational Excellence by developing business processes and people processes to ensure personal excellence, Team Excellence and Leadership Excellence.


    • Masters Degree in Human Resource Development
    • EDP in Strategic Performance Management form XLRI, Jamshedpur
    • Organization Development and Process Work Intern at Sumedhas Academy for Human Context
    • Trained in Group Facilitation Skills
    • Certified NLP Practitioner
    • Certified IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy). Trained by Mr. Andrew Austin, UK.
    • Trained in Metaphors of Movement by Mr. Andrew Austin, UK
    • Trained in Story Telling by Eric Miller at World Story Telling Institute
    • Trained in Theatre Techniques
    • Trained in Yoga, Yogasuta and Meditation Techniques.
    • Trained in “Dance for Personal Exploration”
    • Trained in Tarot Reading and Symbols
    • Participated in various Behavioural Labs at Sumedhas
    • Director, Graminz Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.
    • Mentor, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK
    • Been as a Resource Person for various Community Development/Educational Programs  of   of India and Kerala.
    • Social Worker involved in the welfare of Women and Children.