Selling and Negotiation skills

for Retail Industry Sales and Negotiations techniques ;  Learning and knowing how to use these two […]

Selling with NLP

A successful sales career begins here, by redefining what success in sales really means to […]

Introduction to NLP

Way to Personal Excellence ! Objective Set your desires free from limits by understanding the [...]

Teaching Today

a self enhancement program for school teachers ‘Teaching is one of the most challenging and [...]

C2C (College to Corporate)

On an average more than 50 lakh students graduate every year in India, a three, […]

The Leadership Series – Self Leadership

Explore, Experience, Evolve, and Exceed your expectations The Leadership Series – Self Leadership Helps you [...]

Get your Managers in Leadership Shape

Today, many Managers are facing the challenge of their work life. Influences like rightsizing/downsizing and […]

Unleash Your REAL Potential

Positive thinking is the background of modern philosophy of living a successful and happy life. [...]
Be Happy

Be Happy…

Be Happy… An initiative to help people overcome the physical, logistical, mental and emotional struggles. […]

Self Discovery

A Journey of Self-Discovery

  A program which helps you to establish an intimate understanding of Who you are? […]